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Topsy Turvy Two 2023

A Gilbert and Sullivan tribute concert for Melvyn Tarran


After more than a year in planning, Topsy Turvy Two, a tribute concert to Melvyn Tarran took place at The New Bury Theatre in Hurstpierpoint on 22nd October.


We had an audience of nearly 300 and on stage a number of performers with an established background in G&S. In addition, we had guest speakers travelling from all part of the UK to talk of their friendship with Melvyn or to share tales of their time on tour with the D’Oyly Carte.


Bruce Graham, Fenton Gray, David Steadman, Louise Crane, Elinor Jane Moran, Barry Clark,

James Cleverton and Stephen Anthony Brown


Guest speakers: Vera Ryan, Peter Riley, Linda Anne Hutchison and David Mackie


Joint Artistic Directors  -  Laurence Leng and Susan Fleet MBE 

As to be expected, a few things did not run as expected and, due to illness, we lost, at short notice, Valerie Masterson, Alexandra Hazard and Jane Metcalfe from the line-up.

The whole event, which was musically directed by Simon Gray and accompanied by Julie Mackrill, was staged with the intention of generating funds for Cancer Research and the final figure raised was £3,500.

Our thanks go to Jane Stokes – Photographer who took all of the above images at the concert.

Please visit her website to see the full selection of images taken on the day:

Topsy Turvy 2 - Director's Cut - Images | Jane Stokes

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