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A Group with a Common Passion

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Sussex began life as the brainchild of Melvyn Tarran and Richard and Sylvia Nixon. Melvyn's wonderful "World of Gilbert & Sullivan" permanent exhibition at Sheffield Park was the largest of its kind in the world and attracted a great deal of favourable attention.

People would emerge from it dazzled by all they had seen and wanting more.

"Is there a society we can join?" was a frequent question. There was  -  however, in 2010 the nearest ones were in London and Brighton. The three of them thought long and hard about it and consulted various friends on the subject before deciding to take a chance on forming a new Society.
As a consequence, the Mid Sussex Gilbert & Sullivan Society was born which soon became

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Sussex.

 We appreciate, but do not perform.

Our President / Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents 

Stephen Brown

Simon Butteriss

Barry Clark

Bill Colbourne

Bruce Graham

Donald Maxwell

Cynthia Morey

Michael Simkins

Richard Suart

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