The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Sussex

Visit to Grim’s Dyke & W S Gilbert’s Grave

Grim's Dyke

Richard D’Oyly Carte’s Grave

Grave Richard D'Oyly Carte

Arthur Sullivan’s Grave

Grave Arthur Sullivan

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Louise Crane
& Ian Belsey

15 Apr Louise Crane

7th Annual Lunch
Angie & John Penn

7th Annual Lunch

Five Performers of the New London Opera Group

7th Oct London Opera Group

Looking Forward to
Christmas with the Barry Clark Family

8th Annual Lunch

The Mikado Concert

Mikado Concert

Melvyn Tarran

24th Jun Melvyn Tarren & AGM

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2018 Winter

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2018 Summer/Autumn

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2018 Spring

G&S Newsletter  Spring 2018.pdf
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